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Backwoods Overland Park

Backwoods Overland Park
6825 West 135th Street

About Us:

The staff at the Backwoods, Overland Park store is wholly dedicated to giving each of our customers the best possible experience, and it's this attitude that sets us apart from any other outdoor adventure store! Whether you're just stopping by to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee and read the latest outdoor magazine, or need to fully equip yourself for an adventure travel trip of trekking and sightseeing in Nepal, our customer service makes the difference. Our warm and friendly staff will make you feel welcome and their vast knowledge will help you choose the best outdoor gear for everything from weekend car camping to serious rock climbing and backpacking excursions.

Each person on our staff has a passion for the outdoors and most of us enjoy travel. Between us we've explored every continent except Antarctica and have traveled extensively throughout Australia, Thailand, Holland, Germany and Canada. Most of us have visited at least ½ of the 50 states in America. Whether you are hiking the Great Smoky Mountains or planning an adventure trip to Belize, we'd love to outfit you with whatever your plans require, from barefoot shoes to a winter coat and all the fleece and outerwear you may need to be prepared.

In addition to our shared passion for travel, we're a fun crew that appreciates a good time! We love our pets and the craziest event we've ever had was our Barking Backyards at Backwoods night. Lots of folks love sharing the outdoors with their dog; once a couple came in to select backpacks and they brought along Samson and Goliath, a pair of giant Mastiffs that each weighed about 175 lbs. Our employees were so impressed with those gentle massive animals. When our Ruffwear Rep gave a presentation on taking your dog backpacking and on camping trips, our customers loved it so much we had over 25 dogs rocking Backwoods! The attitude and environment had such a positive energy, all the dogs were well behaved and there were no accidents; it was a really great time. Our employees range from young outdoor enthusiasts, to people working to supplement and support their pursuits through working at Backwoods, to retirees. Chances are that every time you walk into the store, you'll find someone on staff to share an easy rapport and a common interest.

When we head out to test camping equipment and outdoor gear we go to the Ozarks. Spanning from Southern Missouri to North-Central Arkansas, the Ozarks offer an expansive wilderness area full of trails, rivers and wildlife. We've learned so much through the years, our store opened in Kansas City in 1974 and moved to our current location in 2008. And while we can sometimes surprise a customer with a pastel colored climbing helmet, or specialized hiking boots, most people come back for the familiar experience of relying on seasoned advice from a friendly staff that goes the extra mile.

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